New combing left side

New Combing Left Side

new combing right side

New Combing Right Side

new combing front

New Combing Front

extendable rail protection

Extendable Rail Protection

New air override bracing

New Air Override Bracing

Rear combing

Rear combing

Air override mounting

Air Override Mounting

Underside  diagonal bracing

Underside  Diagonal Bracing

Finished product painted

Finished Product Painted

Back on the road

Back on the Road

Transport Welding

At Onsite Welding our goal is to achieve results through product design to meet the needs of our client base. Any and all jobs are accepted regardless of scope whether it be:

  • Trailer services
  • Modifications
  • Refurbishment
  • Crack repairs
  • Insurance

Large or small.

At Onsite Welding NSW we offer quality service for your trailer repairs, modifications through metal fabrication, welding and mechanical fitting process. Unlike many large trailer companies we offer onsite repairs and can even service a minor repair in transit if client requires.

As we are certified pressure welders we have the ability to complete chassis repairs by splicing out old or damaged chassis rails. Then by way of full peneteration butt welding we are able to achieve a finished product equal to that of it’s original spec and compacity.

The Onsite Welding NSW  team
Our staff are highly qualified and can handle any job passed to them with confidence.
Our tranport welding repairs & modifications  services include:
  • Load Restraint Curtain retrofits
  • Slide-a-Gate retrofits
  • Full Refurbishments
  • Rollover Rebuilds
  • Sand Blasting and Painting
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Spring to Air suspension conversions

Architectural Steel Welding

Ability to design and manufcature architectural steel to your requirements.

Structural Steel Welding

AS1796 certification guarantees the highest standard of welding in Australia.

Mobile Plant Repair

Consistent high level of service tailored to their needs.

Pipe Line Steel Welding

Highly qualified pipe-line welders ensuring all weld procedures conform to industry standards.

Transport Industry

Transport repairs, welding and structural customisation.

Metal Fabrication

We fabricate metal to our customers specifications.