Bracing & deconstruct

Bracing & De-construct

removal of ceiling

Removal of Ceiling

Installation of steel

Installation of Steel

Underpinning existing rafters

Underpinning Existing Rafters

removal & installation of roof

Removal & installation of Roof

Structural Steel Welding

Why is important to have a professional qualified welders to AS1796 standards?

Professional structural welding requires certified welders who specialise in field welding to certification code AS1796. This certification guarantees the highest standard of welding in Australia. Only licenced AS1796 welders are qualified to join beams, pipes, posts, columns with full penetration welds that conform to x-ray and ultrasonic inspection.

Typically AS1554 is a certification that allows you to perform vertical up and overhead continuous fillet welds. This is only a small component of what is required onsite and quite often onsite welding contractors  are not qualified in either AS1554 or AS1796 certification in Australia.

As a direct result engineers are increasingly requiring all welding to be done in workshops due to the lack of suitable  qualified welders who can weld and guarantee the quality of not only the connections, joints and perpendicular intersections of beams without under bead cracking or inclusions..

For reasons pretaining to public liability and occupational health and safety our clients need to ensure that all contractors operating on their sites are qualified/ certified / insured and have the necessary equipment and practical experience in the field to reduce their exposure to litigitaion as a direct result of substandard welding practices.

What is structural welding?

The term structural welding refers to the joining of metal components for the application of forming structural supporting assemblies. Typically these are structures perform the task of supporting or lifting infrastructure there is a risk of injury or death in the event of a failure in the weld. This is primarily due to a lack of training and practical experience in the application of the welding process itself and the prior preperation required to achieve these standards.

Examples of structural welding applications.

Examples of structural steel welding applications we are regularly involed in are:

  • Structural steel (columns and posts, universal beams, channels, cleats & brackets)
  • Mezzannines
  • Underpinning of structures
  • Structural stairways
  • Steel lintels
  • Cleats and brackets
  • Sheet piling
  • Restoration through structural steel reinforcement
  • Vehicle and heavy transport chassis

We work closely with  structural engineers, mechanical engineers, developers and civil contractors across a broad range of projects. We specialise in onsite welding and installation of structural steel and mechanical equipment.


Architectural Steel Welding

Ability to design and manufcature architectural steel to your requirements.

Structural Steel Welding

AS1796 certification guarantees the highest standard of welding in Australia.

Mobile Plant Repair

Consistent high level of service tailored to their needs.

Pipe Line Steel Welding

Highly qualified pipe-line welders ensuring all weld procedures conform to industry standards.

Transport Industry

Transport repairs, welding and structural customisation.

Metal Fabrication

We fabricate metal to our customers specifications.